Assalamu Alaikum,
What can you say about a person who praises his wife for everything but forgets to be her husband! He holds her in high regard, talks sweet and does every kind of help- works hard, earns and spends money for her. But in that attempt he forgets what she actually needs.
He would always say “honey, how beautiful you are!” without ever thinking of himself as a husband!! He would simply move on to other jobs..
What would that grieving lady be saying? “Yea, agreed I’m beautiful. I know I possess all virtues whether you praise or not..but that is not what I want. It’s you whom I love. It’s you whom I need. Be mine, be my husband at least for a moment”

Tragic is their love story! He never realized his own value and role and therefore kept his wife in constant grief. He never understood that she had kept him at the core of her heart. He was trying to please her by singing about her while her object of desire was he himself.

Brothers and sisters, what about us? We praise Allah all the time. Does all acts of worshiping, utters all sorts of praises. But will He be pleased?
We call Him Rabb without ever thinking of ourselves as Marboob.
We call Him Razik without ever thinking of ourselves as Marzook.
We call Him Malik without ever thinking of ourselves as Mamlook.
We call Him Hakim without ever thinking of ourselves as Mahkoom.

Tragic is our love story! We never realize our role and therefore keep our Beloved in constant displeasure. Ibadath is display not of our ‘capacity’ to perform so many actions but of ‘abdiyyath’. Without understanding our darkness, how are we going to understand light that is now present in us? Allah found us void of everything and with His Uloohiyyath, he brought us to this ‘being’ness. We’ll realize it only when we find ourselves void of everything. But without knowing our position in front of him, we keep uttering ‘good’ words thinking Allah will be flattered by it.

It’s we whom Allah needs. Understand ourselves, our ‘abdiyyath’, then our true love story with Ilaah will begin.
“Man arafa Nafsuhu,
Faqad Arafa Rabba”
(One who knew his own Nafs knew his Rabb)

May Allah take us all close to him..


2 Responses

  1. What a true and telling post, brother. As long as we think of Allah as “Other,” and do not recognize the divine spark in each of us that is our true Self, our soul, which is Hu, and connects us to each other, than we are blind and deaf to Him. We pray and call on Him as if he were in the clouds instead of in our hearts. The entire path of the Sufi is the understanding of this truth, to awaken to the One reality.

    I am adding your wonderful blog to my blogroll.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Irving bhai.
    Thank you very much for your attention. If anyone is taken closer to Allah by reading this, my wish is fulfilled. May Allah help us to help everyone in the journey to Him.

    To be safe,I ignore the “and do not recognize the divine spark in each of us that is our true Self, our soul, which is Hu, and connects us to each other”, part. the true Self, soul etc can be interpreted in any manner. Translations may not (or will not) reflect original arabic words. One has to learn about its nuances from one’s own shaikh. Misunderstandings and guesses are more effective than cyanides. đŸ™‚

    I too am adding your blog to my blogroll.

    Allah Hafiz (May Allah guard you)

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