Assalamu Alaikum..

World Aids Day Passed. But the scare remains as it is. All campaigns on aids conveys methods of prevention. Of what use is it to someone who is already a victim to it?May Allah the Merciful save every one from all diseases. The aids prevention campaign brings me thoughts of another kind.

It’s about ‘Aoodhu billahi minashaithani-rajeem’. Like in the campaign, here too we are being told about a prevention method. Before you begin anything say ‘I take refuge in Allah from the (hated) satan’. People think that it is enough to ‘tell’ where as the emphasis is on ‘taking refuge’. If you take refuge in a cop from a thief, it’s because you understand the thief, the threat and the cop. Not having sufficient knowledge about any of these, we recite “I take refuge in cop..”!!

I see people reciting “Aoodhu..” not knowing that he is sitting on the lap of shaithan himself. Just like an AIDS patient trying to ‘secure himself’ by using preventive measures.

May Allah the Merciful save every one from all diseases.


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  1. sadakthaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Salaams Abdul Muneer bhai,

    True. May Allah, as you say, save us from every disease.

    Perhaps the important thing for those who already have AIDS though is that we help them with compassion. Too many would seek to cast people with HIV/AIDS out, as though they were evil. Ya Allah! Doesn’t Allah say that we’re all poor (fuqara, miskeen)? Only God is al-Ghani.

    Ya Haqq!

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Salaams bhai
    It may take some more time to find out the treatment for new types of diseases.. But as far as the more critical disease(that of the heart) is concerned, there is always treatment.
    Was not Khalifa Umar (R.A.) treated at the Hands of the Great Doctor Muhammed Musthafa (S.A.). No one can be worse than the former self of Khalifa.
    Rasool did ‘Bismilla’ to his self and then he bacame Ameerul Mu’mineen.
    Unlike AIDS, we always have hope here.

  4. Salaam Dear Bhai:

    Inshallah, a vaccine will be found before the end of this decade.

    Ya Haqq!

  5. Ya Allah! Irving, I certainly hope so.

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