Ahl-u-Sunnath val Jama’ath..2

Allah, Abdul Muneer's Corner Muhammed(SAW), Abdul Muneer's Corner
Assalamu Alaikum,
When different people offer prayer individually, it’s just that. But when they get behind one Imam and do it together, it becomes a Jam’ath. Now what is the condition for a person to get a Jam’ath?

He should see the Imam
Or he should see those who see and follow the Imam
Or he should see those who follow the persons who see Imam

This is the shari’ath for a normal prayer. But what of religion in general? We have Rasool(S.A) as our leader. We are 14 centuries or 14 rows behind. We don’t see Imam directly. We neither hear the voice. The only way to get His jam’ath is to follow those who sees the Imam or His followers ahead of them. Without following the true followers ahead of us, we are never going to follow our Imam.
It is for this reason we are “Ahl-u- Sunnath Val Jama’ath”. We can attain Sunnath only through Jam’ath.
For example, The Qur’an was made to a single book only during the period of the Khalifas. It was Umar (R.A) who proposed it. Until then Qur’an was written in pieces of leather etc. The number of those who knew complete Qur’an by heart was decreasing at fast rate due to wars and other reasons. So the right guided Khalifs collected all possible transcripts and finally brought forth a full book as per the order shown by Rasool(S.A).
If one says Qur’an is enough for him and he doesn’t necesserily follow the Khalifs, it’s a sad paradox.
Again if it were not for the Imams who compiled Hadith, Islam would not have lasted this long. So one must have full faith in Imam Bukhari and other greats like him. Without that how can one trust the hadith compiled by them.
Again if it were not for the giants like Shaikh Abdul Qadar Jeelani, the soul of Islam would have lost. It was he who breathed life when Deen became something like a dead body (mere physical actions were considered as worships at that time). For this reason he was given the title ‘Muhyuddin’ (One who gave life to Deen). If we are not following the Shaikhs of tasawwuf, we simply are not following the essence of Deen. What is left with us is a bunch of instructions and laws.
To pray a four Rak’ath Namaz that is acceptable to Allah, one has to follow the Imam of his locality, or those who follow that Imam. If one is hell bent on following the Imam of Makkah or Madinah and doesn’t care about the Imam of his locality (and period), it certainly doesn’t indicate faith.
We should remember that even those who are at the last row are able to exactly follow the Imam just by following those in his immediate front.
May Allah include us all in Ahl-u-Sunnath Val Jama’ath.


Abdul Muneer


2 Responses

  1. Amin! An excellent post and reminder. Indeed, it is the Sufi Shaykhs that are the best example.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Salams,
    Allah will protect those living Qur’ans till the end of this world and beyond. It is His word.

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