Assalamu Alaikum dear wanderer and my wayfarers.

Before the creation only Allah was there. Therefore whatever we perceive and experience-all those creations and all those powers we see-came from Him. It is Allah who is fulfilling all need of all creations.
Consider an example of a couple.
A person works abroad and sends money to his wife every week. The wife receives money from a postman. After receiving money from the postman, the wife would call her husband and acknowledge (or thanks). Never would she think of the postman as her master. If she is in some urgent need, it is her husband whom she calls, not the postman.
Apparently the postman helps, but in reality it is the husband who helps (La ilaha illallah). A postman will not give even a penny to any one as he doesn’t have any. He will give a million which is sent by the one who have it. Will the husband tolerate if she gives her heart to the postman on the account of the apparent help from postman? Their kid who sees the postman giving money to his mother might be tempted to ask more from the postman.

All creations we see around including our mother and father are postmen from Allah. There is really no creation that can satisfy any of our needs on their own. What is seen by the mortal eyes is false, we see a postman helping a woman!! ‘Indeed this world is a treachery..’ says Allah. May Allah save us.

Prophet Ibrahim (A) didn’t ask help from the postmen. But Yusuf(A) tended to ask. And Allah was angry. (Allah sets thing like that only for our lesson. We should not forget that Yusuf (A) is a prophet.).


That reminds me of an old joke..

“A lover sent letters to his object of his desire, twice daily. She finally married the postman!”



Abdul Muneer


6 Responses

  1. AsalamuAlaikum Abdul Muneer,

    Very philosophical indeed.Looking forward to your further posts.

  2. Va alaikumussalam brother/sister
    please feel free to ask if you need further clarification. If you are seeking Deen, I’m always at your service.
    May Allah help us all.

  3. Alhamdulillah, a good analogy of Allah working in the world for out benefit 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Saalam,

    a very simple but enlightening ideas. for early minds, its a very good story to grasp the reality of God who is the transformative power and everything behind all.

    La haowla wa la quwwata illa-billah.

  5. Assalaam alaikum br. Abdul Muneer,

    Thanks for sharing such a brilliant post!

    Jazaak Allah Khair brother,

  6. Salaams everyone..
    Thank you all. May Allah help us all to help everyone.
    The example of postman is really useful as it stresses on Allah and the creations at the same time. The postman also must be given his due. If the woman shouts at and attacks the postman, he will not be able to deliver her anything. The postman is a part of this system and respecting him is a part of respecting the husband. One will not be unpleasant towards a messenger from his/her sweetheart 🙂
    It is for this reason that Allah says He will not love anyone who is unkind towards his parents.
    Abdul Muneer

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