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Assalamu Alaikum,

You can cheat a lot of people by selling ‘philosophies’ . It is even more simple in west where materialism rules over human relationship. People will do anything to get peace of mind. For what other purpose does a Richrad Gere turn to Budha?

Modern ‘tasawwuf’ also caters to this section. Tasawwuf sounds like a philosophy and people approach it in that manner, just like taoism and stuff like that!!

People who previously had no exposure to Islam will not be able to identify the wrong sufism or ‘tariqa’ s. They simply think they’ve landed up in right place.. Teach them a few poems of Rumi(R.A), give them few dhikr to recite, always talk loud about ‘Allah’s Love'(Any woman can talk about chastity though not all women can have it) and there you are- you are now a sufi saint.
Therefore we have ‘shaikhs’ without even a cap and beard (which are sunna and an identity of a muslim), female preachers who don’t even cover their hair etc. We have men and women getting seamlessly together in their typical western outfits in the name of congregational prayers and zikr halqa-s (May Allah save us). The west will not find any any problem in showing out a quarter of all their body parts. But in Islam, it has no place.

One basic method to identify a true ‘tariqa’ is to look at their ‘sharia’. Any tariqa which doesn’t care about sharia is invalid. Tasawwuf is polluted more than anything else today- more like a drum on the market side on which anyone can try a hand. In many cases not even attempts are made in distuingushing right path from the wrong ones. It is very very easy and much much probable that one might end up in something with which Rasool (S.A.) had no connection at all. Be cautious, be cautious. Take care of sharia first.

To be a Muslim, we have to follow the ways of our Prophet(S.A), not our existing culture(lessness). Otherwise one may as well try budhism, taosim, yoga-meditation packafes etc.


Abdul Muneer


4 Responses

  1. The revealed religions are of special importance to us. Those religions, that trace back to one human being, that told other human beings, he or she had been bestowed upon a revelation by God, and who asks others mostly by threatening with eternal perdition to believe this very revelation. The revealed religions – for us that is first of all Christianity – are quasi the top of the religions of the I, the ‘ego’.

    Not only the God, who is said to have given a revelation, is an ‘I’, an ‘ego’. Also the revelator speaks as an ‘I’, that asks others to submit their ‘I’ to his. If we consider the matter impartially we notice the revelator to be only talking of himself und that the belief he is asking is the belief in him, the relevator.

    Thus he also suggests at the very same time, God will under no circumstances bestow a similar revelation upon anyone else, that everybody else is excluded from a similar revelation and that God him/herself will abide by this revelation for all times to come. The relevator raises thus not only above his followers but also above the God revealed by him. That is why particularly the revealed religions require enlightenment and purgation.

    “In the Middle there is Lightness”
    by Bert Hellinger

  2. Here is a short essay by my Master, Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order, which touches on what you have written, entitled
    Sufis Who Are Disciples of Their Own Imaginations:

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Salaams,
    lulando: Welcome to this Corner. Before I met my Shaykh, I too would think on same lines.
    Irving bhai: Thank you very much for the link. It is the most basic lesson for a mureed. The title itself is profound.
    May Allah bless your Shaykh even more.
    May Allah make us the true mureeds our Mashayikhs long for.
    And may Allah make us true Aashiqeens of Allah and His Prophet(S.A)

  4. Well, thank you: I read that essay and fully endorse it. I have been accepted by 4 Shaikhs – among them Shaikhs of the Naqhsbandi Order. That Order by the way claims to be the only true Sufi Order or at least the Supreme Order.
    My point is if we do not stop this only, best,chosen and true thing we will not get anywhere. It is not important what seperates us, what we have in common is all that matters. (For instance: compare the method of Zen and Sufism and you will find similarities to the detail! The essential method is ‘from the Heart of the Teacher to the heart of the student’!)

    Ya Haqq!

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