Insight on GURU

Assalamu Alaikum.
GURU is a sanskrit word now famous in english too. It is derived from two roots GU+RU. GU means darkness, RU means removing it. Thus GURU is the one who take removes the darkness from our heart. Abdul Muneer's CornerHave a GURU and fill the light in your hearts.
(Allahu Noorussamavathi val arl) – Allah is the Light of heavens and the earth.

Folks, see you after a few days..
Abdul Muneer


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    Of course,
    Getting a ‘Guru’ to remove the darkness of the heart is the greatest blessing.

    Alhamdulillah. Allah has provided us with ‘Gurus’. Our heart’s darkness may get removed, only if we see ourselves, blind.



  2. Salaam Dear Bhai:

    I am happy to know the meaning of Guru 🙂 My own Master is Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh, whose last name means “bestower of light.” And truly, he is the Guru of the age for us unworthy darvishes.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Nabi

    A torch in the darkness, a staff during my weakness,
    A rock in the weariness of life.

    Thou, my Master, makest earth a paradise.
    Thy thought giveth me unearthly joy,
    Thy light illuminateth my life’s path,
    Thy words inspire me with divine wisdom,
    I follow in thy footsteps, which lead me to the eternal goal.

    Comforter of the broken-hearted,
    Support of those in need,
    Friend of the lovers of truth,
    Blessed Master, thou art the Prophet of God.

    (Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan)

  4. Salams everyone,
    Thank you all.
    Irving bhai: That is nice..
    Incidently, my last name also means ‘The one having Noor(Light)’ 🙂
    That’s the name of Rasool(S.A). I’m abdul Muneer- Servant of the Muneer.
    Lulando: Thank you so much for those words from Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan. Indeed the Sufi Shaykhs are lights unto the Prophet(S.A). And the Prophet (S.A)-the Light to Allah..

    Note: I’m away from home. Being busy I may not be able to put up posts frequently. I’ll be posting as and when I get time. I, Allah willing, will not put up any post just for the sake of posting. Allah’s Will will reign..
    Abdul Muneer.

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