A Prayer of Rasool (SAW)

Assalamu Alaikum everyone..

Today I am alone in my house. While sitting in the toilet came to my mind what my Shaykh would often remind me and other fellow seekers about. “What would have happened if Allah had taken away the strength from you? How will you got toilet everyday?”.

I am alone. Can I get up and fulfill it in a decent manner? Even if people were there to help, what would the situation look like?

I visualized two people taking me to toilet by supporting on underarms.. It’s not like supporting one when he is in normal health. They’ve to hold strongly to avoid falling down -you’ll feel pain.

They would have to keep holding me throughout the business. They would have to stand through the odour. They would be seeing my private parts.

And they themselves would have to clean me.

For how long would people suffer me even if they were my dear and near ones.. Of course they would be in distress. But seeing them doing all these, I would be in more distress. My parents and relatives eventually would prefer my death to my prolonged life in such state.

Yes, no one would love a paralized person for long..

But then, in reality, aren’t everyone paralyzed? Isn’t it Allah who gives us power.. If we truly possess the power to perform actions, why are we not to able to keep it for ever?

Allah has no problem with us. He finds us void of all powers and gives us everything. Others turn away at the sight of even one deficiency.It is Allah who truly loves.

He takes me toilet, supports me and does all service to me. Is there anyone who serves us better than Allah? Even though he is Most Supreme, He is the most loyal servant of us in His actions.

Allah helps me to perform those needs of me in the most decent manner.

How would we thank him for His blessings? Will our deeds match His blessings? We are thankless..

It was for this reason that Prophet of Allah (SAW) prayed “O Allah, forgive me. All praise for You who eased me out of this distress”.

I till now hadn’t understood the significance of asking forgivness.

May Allah bless my beloved Shaykh.


Abdul Muneer


6 Responses

  1. Dear Brother,
    thank you very much for your encouraging post: the moment you surrender you’re saved.

    But let me also tell you, that, when I was a young men, I could not at all imagine to be crippled in any way and live on. But now having known love and loving my wife – I know there is nothing, absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for her. She makes me happy because she is here. That simple.

    Maybe you also want to read this post:

    Footprints in the Sand

  2. La haowla wa la quwaata illa billah.

    There is no transformation or strength except through Allâh.

    pls visit this site for a wonderful explanation of this formula.


  3. assalamu alaekum,

    thank you muneerka, for your merciful words.
    As you said, we’ve only one lover, that is Allah who keeps on helping us, through the whole day as a loyal servant..and my usthad is there for keeping Allah close to me..



  4. BismillahhiRahmanirRaheem

    I am glad to see that Allah caused another bee to find its honey …

    You have been linked on my blog

  5. Salaam Dear Bhai:

    Teh body is nothing but a shell, and if the shell is paralyzed or ill, still the soul it houses is worhty of care. And caring for those you love is a blessing. And caring for those you do not know, that Allah has placed in your path, is the darvish way. All is One, and to love God is to love and serve His creation.

    Ya Haqq!

  6. Salaams Everyone,
    Thank you all for your feed back.

    This article is to be read in the context of my previous post “The Cotton…”. In fact the poem was a result of this article. I was doubtful whether everyone would understand it correctly because the article contradicted the common perception. So I wanted to create a platform upon which the reader can perceive it. Thus came out the poem.

    My point was the service that Allah does for us.

    Irving: Only the members of the family of “Mercy for all universes (SAW)” can recognizes it. May Allah keep us in this family.

    lulando: What if Allah take that love out of your heart?

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