A Mother in Deluge..

Assalamu Alaikum,

Abdul Muneer's Corner

During the deluge in Prophet Nuh(A)’s period, a mother kept holding her child above the water level. She was all worried about her kid and held the baby above water as the level kept rising. But when the water rose above her nose, she dropped the kid and stood on top!!

We love others because of the Love Allah placed in us. It is Allah’s love, not ours. What if Allah takes it out of our heart? Will we still be loving?..
Being loved is a blessing, but having love for others is a much greater blessing. Let us not be in ‘shirk’ by attributing the love in our heart to ourselves..

Let a father think not that he has love for his children. Instead let him thank Allah for giving him a taste of the Love Allah has for His servants.

Let a lover realize the real caretaker of his/her soulmate.

Let a friend realize the the Friendship Allah shares with his/her friend.

What am I but an instrument in the Hands of the Musician?

Allah, thank You… Indeed You are the treasure of all precious jewels.


Abdul Muneer


4 Responses

  1. thank you muneerkha
    it,s really helpful to me

  2. This is so beautiful a truth that it brings tears to my eyes, dear Bhai. Allah has blessed you with deep insight into the heart. May He increase your love and wisdom.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. Salaam Irving Bhai,
    Thank you for your words..
    The realization of Allah’s blessings is a blessing even greater!

    When I love my fellow travelers, I realize it is not me, but Allah loving them through me.
    Allah could have had another person in my place. But since He chose me for this I too can experience that feeling.. He has made me a ‘khalifa’ here!
    Indeed Allah created all human beings as His ‘khulafa’ in different arenas.
    He appointed parents as his khalifa for His attribute Rabb.
    Thus the parents can experience Allh’s love and care towards their child. They can witness the Rubb in themselves!

    How great a stature for we humans! It is purely His mercy that he chose us for that priced position!
    This is why Rumi(R.A) told

    “A great falcon has landed on your shoulder and become yours. No amount of searching shall get you this”

    Those who realize and do justice to His blessings are the real blessed ones. Again Rumi (R.A) sings:

    “Happy the one who has become like us..”

    May Allah include us in this group.

    I’m restraining and stopping here. Otherwise it’ll go on for ever.
    (khulafa=plural of khalifa =representative-a rough translation)

  4. Salaams br. Abdul Muneer,

    Thank you for sharing this insightful post and comments. A great reminder for us to realize Allah(swt)’s limitless Bounty of Love and Mercy for His creation and His unique ways to grant us the understanding into His insights.
    MashaAllah, you said it best…”The realization of Allah’s blessing is a blessing even greater.” SubhanAllah!!!

    Jazaak Allah Khair,

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