From my friend :-)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Yesterday I got a valentines day message from my friend. Can’t wait to get his permission.. I’m posting it rightaway..


If many guys are after one girl,

there is naturally a fight…

That is because they are running after their nafs

what a poor love that turns out to be..

Come into the love of Allah & His Rasool,

Though we are all after the same,

We end up loving each other.

Such a love knows only to Give and never to ask…

Come into the love of Majnun…

Who loves the eyes that saw Laila..

Come into the love of Our Rasool(SAW)

Who has a place for every one in His heart..

Come here and you will get your share and perhaps even more..

Come and do not be despaired..

For there is all that you wish for and perhaps even more..

Just come once and you will never want to leave

That my Brothers is TRUE GRACE…

That my Brothers is LOVE…

Valentine’s day is meant for the us. Enjoy..

Thank you brother, thank You.

Hope reader too enjoy it.


Abdul Muneer


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