Microcredits.. Macroprofits..

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is Economics.. Recently I found an article (the article is not recent) on “Cuckoo’s call“. It’s about the Nobel Peace prize for Grameen Bank and its founder Muhammad Yunus. The article exposes some hidden dimensions of this ‘award’ and its real beneficiaries.

The author has rightly identified the excellence of Islamic Economics.

Of course, we won’t read such views in a newspaper.. So you can read it here (or in a new window).


Abdul Muneer


5 Responses

  1. Salaam Dear Bhai:
    Thank you for the article. It is good to know the whole story. The whole truth is the best weapon against injustice.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Dear Friends,

    You might like to read my blog-post on Islamic banking, at:




  3. Thank you rama for sharing this link.

    Best 🙂
    Abdul Muneer

  4. Hello

    Wherever you are my prayers are all there for you.

  5. Salaams rubi,
    So nice to hear from u again. Hope u r fine and in good health and peace. In fact i was thinking about you some days back but I had no way to contact you. I was wondering what will be the state of people after that terrorist attack and things like that.. So i am lucky that you entered a comment! Thank you for coming back to my blog.
    My prayers are all there for you too, wherever you are!

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