The twin blasts

Peace to you all,

Last week the country faced two back to back blasts, one in Bangalore and one in Ahmedabad. In the first case, the terrorists tried to create panic by a series of relatively minor blasts all around the city. In the second case, the attackers chose stronger weapons and the casualty was more. As a human being and as an Indian, I’m deeply moved by these.

“I am a human being. Anything that concerns humanity concerns me.”..Bhagat Singh.

I thank Allah that I didn’t have to face those hardships. May Allah protect us all from such tragedies.

So many people died. But the greater impact will be on  those who faced it and survived. Such casualties can change the mindsets of people forever in many ways. This can take optimism away from their lives,  fill suspicion and hatred towards some communities and make the life restricted and insecure for their children.

If it happens- the terrorists win. They shouldn’t.

A prominent news paper (The Times of India) carried the main story ‘Bangalore, Ahmedabad..Who is next?’. Such media are doing what terrorist wants to do – create fear and panic in people. According to me, such reporting bring to people the effect of another bomb.

We should get up and start moving for the better. Good begets good. We should realize the damages which can happen out of these attacks. We should work forward to nullify them. Let the humanity win.

“In God’s view, killing on human is equivalent to killing the entire humanity, and saving one life is equivalent to  saving the entire humanity”…Prophet Muhammad(S.A).


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