Musings on Marriage..

Assalamu Alaikum,

The story of Adam and Eve sheds a lot of light into the basic human nature. When Allah created Adam (A), Allah gave him the highest status. He was given the highest amount of knowledge which even the angels could not understand. And heaven was made the home for him. Due the knowledge bestowed on him, Allah even asked the angels to prostrate to him. (Quran 2:30-34)

If we think about it in spiritual or material sense, there was nothing more one could ask for. He had achieved all the knowledge and he was in heaven. Naturally he should have been happy and content. But Adam(A) was not.. There was something missing which all the knowledge and wealth could not fulfill. It was then that Allah created Eve out of Adam’s own part. When Adam opened his eyes he saw the beautiful face of a woman gazing down at him.  She revealed that she was to ease his loneliness and bring tranquility to him.

It has to be noted that how high was the stature of their relationship in the eyes of Allah:

When they were sent to Earth, they landed in different places. They searched for each other 100 years and finally met in Mecca. The location where they met is known as Jabal Rahma (mountain of  blessing), Arafa. Arafa is so important a place that Allah says he will forgive everything for a servant who stays for a shortwhile there. Standing in Arafa is the most important part of Hajj that Prophet emphasised “Hajj is Arafa”.



The story of Adam and Eve is the first and original love story. All others are repetition of the same. Allah created everything in pairs and  Adam and Eve are symbolic of all men and women. . For every Adam, there is an Eve and their hearts are not at rest until they meet.

Just like Adam and Eve landed up in different places and yearned for each other, every man and his woman are born at different places and they seek each other. Marriage is the culmination of that ultimate search in this world.

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Mercy Manifested..

Assalamu Alaikum,

A female leopard hunts a pregnant female baboon. While the leopard was dragging the baboon, the baboon delivers a baby. Leopard leaves the hunted mother and starts taking care of the newborn baboon. Watch this amazing video from National geographic.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah  (Choicest blessing and peace be upon him) said, “Allah has divided mercy into one hundred parts; and He retained with Him ninety-nine parts, and sent down to earth one part. Through this one part creatures deal with one another with compassion, so much so that an animal lifts its hoof over its young lest it should hurt it”.

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Ya Rahman, we are all blessed with your Mercy.

The Bestower of Grace

If Allah touches you with a hardship, none can relieve it except He. And when He blesses you, no force can prevent His grace. He bestows it upon whomever He chooses from among His servants. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.

-Qur’an 10:107

You are burning in the flame

Assalamu Alaikum,


From nothing you become sad,
From nothing you become happy,
You are burning in the flame,
But I will not let you out
Until you are fully baked,
Fully wise, and fully yourself.


Purification, Allah, it is never easy. Allah,  make it easy for this weakling..

On humanity and being religious..

Salaams to dear readers, This post forms part of an email conversation between me and one of my friends. After typing a reply, I thought it could be a good reading for everyone. So I am pasting it directly here..

“I am more of a spiritual person than a religious person.” – nowadays the term ‘religious’ has become a misnomer which people can take in any way.. “Spiritual” is the right word. I have read a similar reply from A.R.Rehman in one of his interviews in The Hindu. When he was asked if he was a religious person, he told he would describe himself as spiritual rather than religious as that word has come to have wrong implications these days.

But in the true sense what is religion other than the connection we have with Almighty? What is it other than the bondage and relationship enjoyed between Almighty and His friends. And how are we going to experience it if we put aside the world we live in?

take away your face which gives you your identity to the world
take away your body which always works for you as your most loyal servant
take away your heart which always beats so that you may live
take away your parents through whom you came and grew up
take away your friends who fill your life with joy and comfort
take away your job through which you earn your bread

take away the air you breath and the water you drink
take away the rivers, the mountains and the seas which controls the weather
take away the earth, the sky and all the heavenly bodies

take away all that you got from creations
take away all the creations together
If you do so, then where is the connection left between you and God?

Allah says in Qur’an, “East and the West belongs to Allah”. Again He says “wherever you turn your eyes, you will see My Face”. We should be able to see His face on any one regardless of he is a Muslim or a Hindu. We should be able to see his face on all that you can see and percieve.

Ahmad Kabir Rifai(May Allah be pleased with him) was a great saint of Islam. Once while walking with his disciples he heard a cry of a dog. When looked back he saw a badly wounded dog fighting with its infections. One of the disciples had thrown a stone or something and that was what made it cry at that time. He stopped there and asked his disciples to proceed. He took the dog with his hands (notice that dogs are considered dirty, but that doesn’t stop you from helping it) and walked back to his home. He cleaned it, applied medicines and took care. Once it regained its health, he took it and dropped at the place where he had originally found it, as that was the most familiar place for it and it would be more comfortable there.

Ahmad Kabir Rifai(May Allah be pleased with him) did this out of his love towards Allah, not out of any fascination for the dogs. The verses from Qur’an that were mentioned above had got into his life. He loved Allah so much so that all His creations became his too. May Allah make us too like such great people.

But the majority is not like that. Allah says, “they have eyes but they see not, they have hearts but they percieve not”. Islam lets you see that which we see not. If u had truly understood the beauty of islam, u wouldn’t have said “My religion is Humanity first and then Islam“. You would have found that the latter is more than enough a word for the former.

You and I

Assalamu Alaikum,

Ramazan Mubarak to all my dear readers.

Yesterday I came across a column by Farrukh Dhondy. He mentions about an Iftar party hosted by the Mayor of London. Here are some excerpts..

The poor mayor of London, knowing nothing of this developmental formation, invited “Muslims” to an Iftar party where he and they would break the fast of the day together (The name Farrukh Dhondy itself is misleading 🙂 – The Blogger)

I go to the session with my friend Mahmood Jamal, who has been invited to read poetry after dinner.

Mahmood has serious credentials. He is compiling the Penguin book of Sufi verse (though that may not be its final title on publication) and he is of the opinion that of all Islamic art, architecture being the body, poetry is its soul. He has ancestral pedigree too. His grandfather is the Islamic scholar Bari Miah of the Firangi Mahal in Lucknow, and he numbers several serious Islamic scholars among his relatives.

At the dinner Mahmood finds himself seated next to the mayor on his right and the head of the “Muslim Council”, one Abdul Bari, on his left. Ranged before him at the other tables are the stalwarts of the fundamentalist interpretations of the faith, men and women who have worked their way into this assembly as representatives of the Muslim groups of Britain.

The dinner finishes and the time comes for Mahmood to read his poems. He begins in fine and traditional form with a praise of the Almighty, a Hamd, and then a tribute to the Prophet, a Naath.

He then recites from his translations which I reproduce roughly here:

“It was a dark night

The gates to the Ka’aba and temple were locked,

And yet the door to repentance was open

The taverns were alive with light”

There was an uneasy silence. Mahmood gauged the tenor of disapproval in the audience. He unrelentingly went on to recite a poem by Mansur Hallaj, the famous Sufi martyr, who declaimed “I am the truth”. Anathema to the fundos.

Then he read Jalaludin Rumi in his own translation.


“Mahmood continued reading. Here is his own poem You & I:

You want to speak of War

I want to speak of Peace.

You say Punish

I say Forgive

You speak of God’s Wrath

I speak of His Mercy

Your Quran is a Weapon

My Quran is a Gift

You speak of the Muslim brotherhood

I speak of the brotherhood of Man

You like to Warn others

I like to Welcome them

You like to speak of Hell

I like to speak of Heaven.

You talk of Lamentation

I talk of Celebration.

You worship the Law

I worship the Divine.

You want Silence

I want Music

You want Death

I want Life

You speak of Power

I speak of Love.

You search out Evil

I warm to the Good

You dream of the Sword

I sing of the Rose petal

You say the world is a Desert

I say the world is a Garden

You prefer the Plain

I prefer the Adorned

You want to Destroy

I want to Build

You want to go Back

I want to move Forward

You are busy Denying

I am busy Affirming

Yet there might be one thing

on which we see eye to eye

You want Justice

So do I.

The mayor, the white entourage and the young Muslims who had never heard any such thing, applauded the reading to the rafters. The fundos sulked. After the reading Mahmood was surrounded by young Muslims, all invited there as clients of the fundo organisations, who had never been subject to this mainstream version of philosophical Islam. They wanted to know. Why had this beauty of their religion been denied them? Why had they not been told?

From my friend :-)

Assalamu Alaikum,

Yesterday I got a valentines day message from my friend. Can’t wait to get his permission.. I’m posting it rightaway..


If many guys are after one girl,

there is naturally a fight…

That is because they are running after their nafs

what a poor love that turns out to be..

Come into the love of Allah & His Rasool,

Though we are all after the same,

We end up loving each other.

Such a love knows only to Give and never to ask…

Come into the love of Majnun…

Who loves the eyes that saw Laila..

Come into the love of Our Rasool(SAW)

Who has a place for every one in His heart..

Come here and you will get your share and perhaps even more..

Come and do not be despaired..

For there is all that you wish for and perhaps even more..

Just come once and you will never want to leave

That my Brothers is TRUE GRACE…

That my Brothers is LOVE…

Valentine’s day is meant for the us. Enjoy..

Thank you brother, thank You.

Hope reader too enjoy it.


Abdul Muneer