Ramzan is more than fasting..

Assalamu Alaikum,

Ramzan is the month of fasting, but it it is more than just that.  The times of Ramzan carry more importance than fasting from dawn to dusk, though fasting in itself is profoundly significant. When we hear there is a sale in the supermarket, we rush to to buy things cheap. Ramzan is the month when Allah distributes a lot of bounties. For those who are not rich enough to to get them by other means, this is the one month to get them all. All that He is asking for is to have faith in Him and to take this month in due consideration. (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

For one, when Allah advices us to give charity this month, He wouldn’t be restraining himself 🙂

The time of Ramzan is divided into three section of ten days with each ten days having separate significance. (Hadith No. 22)

The first ten days are for asking Rahmath (Mercy):

  • A person’s life will be in misery if he doesn’t receive love and mercy. Regardless of from whom you are receiving it, it is all sent from its source, the Merciful.

Second ten days are for asking Maghfirath (forgiveness)

  • The true sign of forgiveness is that you will be able to escape from that sinful state.

The third ten days are for asking Ithq (Emancipation from hell)

  • Heaven and Hell are nothing but projections in the next world of your state in this life. Saving from the hell would be experienced as change in our life here itself.

If we pass through this Ramzan without attaining the above three, we will be the most miserable ones. They key to gaining from Ramzan is to first understand its unique significance.

Prophet(S.A) said “Many receive nothing from the fast except hunger and thirst” [Ibn Majah, Ad-Daarimee, Ahmad, al-Baihaqi, Sahih]. They are the people who don’t understand the purpose and take it into account.

May Allah include us on those who benefit from this Ramzan.


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  1. Ramadan is the best gift a Muslim could have let us pray for peace in world

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